Interior Designs provide a turnkey design service to its clients from initial concept right through to completion. Our projects vary in size from the redesign of individual rooms to the refurbishment of an entire apartment.

We design, source and install everything for you according to an agreed budget and schedule. We will work with you to create a practical, unique interior which reflects your style and taste, or you can just leave it to us to create your new interior for you, taking into consideration your desired colour schemes and features.
Often working with owners that live abroad who have bought their apartments to rent out seasonally, we therefore have the experience to organise everything for you so the project is totally stress free.

The Interior Designs team understands what it takes to make your apartment stand out and how to transform it into successful rental property.

All of our projects to date in our portfolio were handed over to their owners fully equipped & ready for their first rental booking.

Email or call us for further details.